My name is Kayla Whitney, and Koe Design is my passion project turned dream career. Koe Design is a Hamilton based commercial arts studio offering illustration, design and mural services that are focused on creating memorable, trend aware and experiential spaces. I help companies capitalize on the sharable nature of social media as an advertisement tool and connect with their customer base on an individual level through intimate hand drawn design. I have experience working in public, private and corporate settings, however I am especially interested in creating community focused art. I am aware of the power public art can have over a neighbourhood - it allows residents of a community to feel that they are a part of an interconnected, evolving, social history full of cultural, and economic value. I love to create work that is for everyone; work that makes everyone feel good, feel represented, feel included, feel beautiful, feel heard, feel at home, feel safe, and feel welcome.

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Connect: kw08tp@gmail.com